Jun 13

Yoga for beginners may help boost your mind power

To live a balanced lifestyle, you need to keep your mind sharp as well as your body. One way that you may be able to help both your body and mind is to look into some yoga videos for beginners. According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a 20-minute session of yoga may help improve your memory. 

To come to their conclusions, the researchers had 30 young women participate in 20 minutes of completing various yoga poses, and then gave them tests that examined their reaction time and working memory. The scientists also had the women do aerobic exercises on a treadmill. 

"It appears that following yoga practice, the participants were better able to focus their mental resources, process information quickly, more accurately and also learn, hold and update pieces of information more effectively than after performing an aerobic exercise bout," said Neha Gothe, who led the study. 

The American Association of Retired Persons spoke to Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., who said that yoga may help prevent memory loss and keep the mind sharp. This is why people who want to boost their mental and physical health should try yoga. 

May 13

Have you checked out any yoga videos for seniors?

Have you been interested in checking out some yoga videos for beginners or introductory yoga classes, but you're worried that you may be too old to practice it? You should know that you may be wrong, since there are many people watching yoga videos for seniors these days because it is a great way to get some light exercise. It's important for seniors to stay physically active in order to ward off depression and keep themselves healthy, which is why you should look into yoga as you get older. 

Discovery Health explains that studies have shown that yoga can help relieve stress, fatigue and pain – all things that seniors may experience. Furthermore, the news source added that yoga is a form of exercise that can help seniors feel young again. 

The Boston Globe spoke to seniors who practice yoga to discover how they feel about the experience. 

"My muscles come to life," senior Dorothy Perrin told the news source. "My lungs are better, a lot better. And my heart rate is better. I hop out of bed."

If you're looking to experience some of these benefits, look for yoga classes that are designed specifically for older people. 

May 13

Fit in daily exercise to live a truly balanced lifestyle

It can be very difficult to balance life and fitness, especially when you're already trying to juggle your job and family. However, in order to live a truly balanced lifestyle, you need to make sure that you take care of not just your job and your personal life, but your body as well. You may think that you don't have time to fit in a workout on a regular basis, but chances are you're wrong. If you try hard enough, you'll find that there are simple ways to exercise each day. 

For example, Fitness magazine recommends that your turn your commute into a workout. If you live close enough to your office, try running, walking or biking to work. Not only will you get exercise, but you may avoid traffic as well. Also, consider exercising in the morning. This way, you can get it out of the way early in the morning and you won't have it hanging over you for the rest of the day. 

Redbook magazine said that you can exercise while doing simple tasks. For example, while brushing your teeth, try alternate between calf raises and squeezing your leg muscles to get toned. 

Mar 13

Regular yoga workouts can lead to a balanced lifestyle and better health

If you've been struggling to balance life and work with your health goals, you might want to consider the potential of a regular yoga workout. Unifying your body, mind and spirit, this ancient tradition is also a great way to tackle a number of common health issues. Here are a few ways yoga meditation and stretching can help you achieve a balanced lifestyle.

Better weight management
Poor eating habits, high stress levels and a lack of exercise can all contribute to weight management issues. However, practicing yoga meditation, deep breathing and stretching poses on a regular basis can be a fun and simple way to burn calories and reduce stress.

Sleep troubles
Have you been struggling to fall asleep at night? Stress and physical health issues can make it difficult to get to bed on time and fall asleep. However, making yoga an active part of your lifestyle can help relax your mind and feel more tired at night.

Regular headaches
Poor blood circulation and a bad diet can both result in frequent headaches. Luckily, yoga meditation and deep breathing can improve blood circulation and respiratory health for fewer headaches over time.

Mar 13

Outdoor yoga can help you lead a balanced lifestyle

If you're looking for a way to mix you your usual yoga routine without messing up your balanced lifestyle, you might want to give outdoor yoga a try. Here are three examples of how incorporating the great outdoors into your workout routine can help with living a balanced lifestyle.

Some alone time
Practicing yoga in the house can lead to a number of distractions. Between your family and electronic devices buzzing at every turn, you need a place that's free of interruptions to focus on yoga stretches and meditation exercises. Luckily, going into the backyard or a local park can provide you with the solitary time you need.

Peace and relaxation
Even if you do have a moment of quiet to exercise in your home, sometimes venturing outdoors can provide a nice change of scenery. The green grass, leafy trees, fresh air and sunshine can also help you feel at peace and relaxed so you can make the most of your yoga session.

Clean air
Staying inside to practice yoga can be nice, but not if you're dealing with dusty, stale air after a long winter. As the temperatures warm up outside, practicing yoga in the outdoors can provide you with refreshing, clean air to practice your deep breathing techniques.

Feb 13

The beginner yoga tips for a balanced lifestyle

Deciding to join a yoga class in your area can be a positive step toward a more balanced lifestyle. However, there are some things you should keep in mind to make sure you find the style of yoga that works best for you. Here are some tips and tricks on how to live a balanced life through yoga.

Try different classes
While you should certainly find a yoga studio that’s convenient to get to, don’t simply sign up for the closest one to your home or workplace. Shop around and experiment with different classes and instructors to gain a better understanding of the yoga varieties out there.

Speak with teachers and members
As you’re trying out different classes around town, make sure you speak with practitioners in your class along with the instructors. Having a one-on-one conversation with knowledgeable individuals such as these can shed a great deal of light on the realities of yoga and meeting your healthy lifestyle goals.

Start slow
Once you find a class you like, don’t feel like you need to throw yourself full-force into yoga poses, stretches and deep breathing techniques. Yoga takes years to master, and moving too quickly in the early days could spoil your taste for this exciting ancient practice.

Jan 13

How you can balance life through a better diet

Focusing on your health and fitness can help you balance life, and dieting is one of the best ways to go about this. However, you need more than just a desire to fit into your swimsuit next summer to be successful with improving your eating habits. Here are some dietary tips on living a balanced lifestyle.

Drink plenty of water
Drinking several glasses of water every day is important to living a healthy life, and it can also benefit your dietary plan. For starters, enjoying a glass of water can help you feel more full in between meals. That’s not to mention that drinking lots of water can boost your metabolism.

Use a calorie counter
If you really want to manage your eating habits, a calorie counter is a must-have tool. From your computer or smartphone, you can input nutritional information about the foods you consume and exercises you practice every day – helping you plan a successful fitness routine.

Eat smaller, frequent meals
Another great way to maximize your metabolism is through eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Instead of the usual three – breakfast, lunch and dinner – spreading out the same amount of food in five meals can help you burn more calories.

Jan 13

How to stick with yoga resolutions to balance life

Are you already starting to burn out on your New Year's resolution to balance life through diet and exercise? It can be difficult to balance life and work with a new fitness routine, so here are some helpful tips to keep you on track with your resolution.

Keep a detailed journal
There's no better way to track how much progress you've made with your resolution then by keeping a health journal. By recording information about workout times, dietary habits, calories burned and new exercises completed, you can build on your successes all year long.

Don't go it alone
Sticking with a new exercise or diet plan can be tough, which is why you should consider working on your New Year's resolution with a friend. Together, you can provide words of encouragement and advice to meet your health goals. It's also nice to have someone to talk to while you sweat.

Mix things up
If you're getting bored with a particular exercise or workout routine, mix things up a bit. There's no reason you can't spend time away from the gym learning karate or yoga stretches. In fact, your body benefits from going through a variety of fitness plans.


Dec 12

Holiday season tips to balance life

Is your family ready for the holiday season? Between all the cooking, shopping, cleaning, decorating, wrapping and traveling, it can be completely overwhelming to deal with the pressures of this time of year. If you're looking for a way to balance life with holiday stress, consider the following tips.

Work considerations
Just because you've got plans for Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or New Year's Eve doesn't mean you can skip out on work whenever you want. If you've got big projects for the end of the year to attend to, try to work ahead a bit early in the month. This way, you won't be caught off-guard at the last minute.

Nutrition and exercise
When you're trying to live a balanced life, yoga can help you keep up with nutrition and exercise goals. Joining a yoga class will place you among diet-conscious individuals who can give you holiday advice. Yoga stretches are also great for strengthening muscles and working off calories.

Personal time
Holiday stress can certainly begin to build up as the weeks progress, so don't forget to make time for personal rest and relaxation. Yoga meditation practices can provide you with the peace of mind and tools to help you deal with anxiety.

Oct 12

Buying a yoga video and other ways seniors can start practicing yoga

Yoga is a great way to lead a balanced lifestyle, but for seniors, becoming a regular practitioner at a yoga studio can sometimes be a challenge. However, there are a variety of ways you can fit yoga poses and meditation exercises into your daily routine. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for seniors looking to begin practicing yoga.

Yoga video
If you have the equipment you need but are in need of an instructor that works on your schedule, consider purchasing a yoga video. This way, you can set up your mat in the comfort of your own home and follow along with a pre-taped class that will introduce you to the basics of yoga.

Friends and family
Yoga is becoming an increasingly popular activity in the U.S., so chances are that you have a family member, friend or neighbor who can show you the ropes. Consider asking them if they'll give you an introductory lesson at your home, and if they're interested, you could pay them to train with you on a more regular basis.

Senior classes
If you live in an assisted living community, you can investigate yoga programs within your building. Yoga stretches, deep breathing exercises and meditation techniques are perfect as a beneficial and relaxing workout routine for seniors to get into regardless of age.